Praise their men!

Praise their men!
 It is considered that the right to receive compliments belongs to the fairer sex. Men used to dispense with sentimentality and live with it quite easily - do not complain. However, during the spoken words hvalby man can do wonders.
 Old as the world carrot and stick policy is always in effect. If your compliment was not empty, and was told of the case, it is possible to work out a man striving to earn the praise again.

Speaking bluntly, the compliment - a kind of serious weapon on education. Your words did not seem empty hot air, good to know how to and what to praise men? In the bulk of the stronger sex does not respond to a compliment about appearance. Yes, no doubt, it will be a pleasure, men experience the same emotions as a woman, although hide them. Here are just a constructive mindset makes them respond to praise, to evaluate his actions show that you need it. For example, your partner repaired the switch in the hall. It will be good if you notice how quickly and deftly he did it for importance can emphasize that you would never have coped with this task. It will be a small drop pleasant balm for his ears, and believe me, he wants you to delight again.

If you look at the root of man's nature, the fact is clear why they try to be less expansive. Emotions interfere make logical decisions. Therefore, they have to hide. Women take it for granted, but should give a man what he so rarely hears - it grows. Therefore, every time your favorite won praise, do not be stingy with compliments.

Often beautiful floor brings down on the head of his partner a bunch of pleasant words when something wants. So you should ensure that your words were sincere, otherwise you can arouse suspicion in the mercenary approach. Surplus compliments can lead to the fact that the man will take it for granted and, roughly speaking, relax, and stop trying to impress you.

Sometimes the stronger sex is trying to meet your wishes, but does not understand at what point he is mistaken. For example, a man washing dishes. For him, it is a feat. So if it's something bad or not so washed dotted plates, first to vote its thrust to clean. After explaining that he did wrong. Correctly selected intonation, instead shouting and swearing, will lead to the fact that the man will try to correct his mistake.

Keep a positive attitude and a smile on his face. Then all the problems are solved easily and answers come alone.

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