Opposites converge?

Opposites converge?
 Some people believe that opposites converge. However, this is not true. Completely different people can not exist together. Must have common interests, topics of conversation, character traits, etc.
 The most perfect combination of opposites - when the missing qualities in one person compensated for their excess in the other. Then the image is absolutely perfect couple. They easily in society because they can find a way to anyone easily and with each other, so that each provides a partner.

Qualities that can be borrowed from the second half, are very different. It's hard work, perseverance, kindness, sometimes persistence, or, on the contrary, easily appeased. Seeing how other people react to certain situations, and what comes out of it, you can rebuild and its switching to the outside world.

However, it is different reactions to the same situation often prevents people with opposite traits to be together. And if the partners do not learn to compromise, such a family is doomed to divorce. Due to the nature or character of education, the same actions cause completely different reactions. And partners genuinely do not understand how you can think differently. This causes constant skirmishes and attempts to prove the second half it was his truth. And they could not even imagine can come to a situation that can be viewed from a different angle. And it will not be good or bad, but simply another version of events.

Listening to a partner and try to understand his point of view - the main components of family happiness people with opposite personalities or temperaments. You should always keep in mind that there are several views and respect your other half. And before you argue and insist on, it is possible, at least for the interest, listen to what he thinks about this partner. And suddenly, he will offer the best solution that you simply did not occur? And you'll save a lot of time, not fueling conflict and without irritating your own nervous system.

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