If a woman wealthier men ...

If a woman wealthier men ...
 Long gone are the days when wealthy and financially independent wife could enter into a depression of her husband. Modern man does not mind to share the role of breadwinner with his woman. One of the surveys conducted for the company and MSNBC magazine Elle, showed that only 12% of young people voted against that spouse earns more than they do. Scientists call this phenomenon a change in gender roles.

Psychologists say that people long to be away from the cliché that a husband who earns less than his wife, feels flawed and weak. Quite the contrary. The current strong floor even happy to share his woman hardships of everyday life.

The change in gender roles - a natural phenomenon. As soon as break barriers that prevent women from moving up the career ladder, men are more likely to deal with the more affluent companions. But according to many studies, men already believe such a situation is quite normal.

It is an interesting fact: among Americans, whose fortune of more than $ 500 thousand. 43% - of the fair sex.

Results of Russian studies have shown that half of the respondents believed that in a family where there is love and understanding, it is not important who partner earns more. 36% of respondents believe that his wife is still not worth it to earn more than her husband. This may cause quarrels, because man - earner, and in this situation the priority dominance shifted towards women. 11% of Russians believe that this question can not be answered unequivocally. A 3% were in favor of the opinion that such a situation has a positive effect on the marriage because his wife, earn more, stimulates her husband to move up the career ladder.

It is not necessary, of course, omit the fact that each family is unique, and each person adheres to his point of view in a similar situation. For one man more wealthy wife - this is normal, the other in such roles ceases to feel the head of the family.

Summing up, I want to say that much in such a situation still depends on the behavior of women. Husband, loving and appreciating your partner will not focus on the fact that she earns more than him. Under no circumstances should a woman should not be considered husband at lower salaries flawed or weak. It must be wise, because, despite the level of income, the woman remains homemaker.

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