How to attract a new love

How to attract a new love
 Life without love would be dull and uninteresting. Love inspires, makes you stronger, make do, but sometimes it hurts, forcing withdraw. After failed relationships difficult to come to his senses, but be that as it may, the need to love, and every person is worthy of that would be loved and admired.
 Nobody likes you? Above this you should think. Start with yourself. Love yourself. Waking up every morning, get up in front of a mirror and tell yourself compliments, genuine, sincere and from the heart. Stop searching a cons and disadvantages, admire their merits. Treat yourself with respect. If you love yourself, we are not talking about extreme forms of narcissism, people to reach for you.

Know how to behave in society. Your gait should speak for you - you are a confident person. Straighten shoulders, do not slouch, look should be directed forward, toward positive emotions.

Smile to passersby. If you walk down the street with a sour face, it is unlikely someone will pay attention to you. Be cheerful. Draw a smile from minor events: great weather, new shoes, a delicious breakfast.

Meet people. No matter where: café, library, cinema, on the street. If you approached the guy is not worth it at once to sew on the machine. Look at him. Maybe he's the most antediluvian Prince, you wait. And even better - acquainted themselves. Do not be afraid to approach a person. It is possible that second chance you will not. It is better to do and regret than to suffer that missed opportunity.

Release all their grievances. If you are on the shoulders tend impossibly high burden of the past relationship, reset them. Release. What was then passed. In the same river twice not go over thither. Do not stop, move forward.

Be self-sufficient. Do not focus on the fact that at the moment next to you there is no worthy man. Live your life, get a - new hobbies you will only benefit. The main thing - do not feel like a victim. Advance do not program yourself in the negative, because the thought is material. Adjust yourself to the fact that in the near future in your life will be a man who will love you and respect. Perhaps even more than you can imagine.

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