Flirt on the Internet: learning to avoid mistakes

Flirt on the Internet: learning to avoid mistakes
 21 century - the century of Internet communication. With the help of the World Wide Web people meet, make friends, relatives, and your other half. However, online dating with the opposite sex requires certain skills flirting on the web - as for the continuation of a pleasant acquaintance in reality, and for their own safety in case of misbehavior interlocutor. So, flirting on the Internet: learning to avoid mistakes.

Flirting on the Web is incredibly easy to use by the standards of the modern woman. You can relax in front of a computer with a cup of coffee or to correspond with new friends in the workplace, almost without interrupting business. This saves time spent on personal acquaintance and "recognition" of each other. Of the minuses of such communication - the impossibility absentia ensure interlocutor sincerity and intentions, as well as confidence in the unfamiliar people you subconsciously begin to equate to a "real" friends.

Competent flirting on the Internet in the first place requires compliance with a certain percentage of the confidentiality of personal information. Try not to spread in social networks, messaging clients on the place of residence, a specific address, position, size, and degree of their income move up the career ladder. Such detail is best shared with a proven personal contact person - so watch out stories about his meteoric career until both personally not sure that the other person is trustworthy.

The error can also become excessive feelings of the virtual fan. Should not rush into the maelstrom of Internet love with the head, believing every word. 25-year-old bachelor may be married and have three children in there, and, speaking of their seriousness, involve regular sex without commitment.

In turn, too, should not deceive the interlocutor. Cheating (even in small things) still open at the meeting, and the first impression will be spoiled.

It is not necessary to discuss with the man over the Internet questions of a sexual nature. He may think that you clearly alludes to his one-time sex, and are unlikely to treat you with seriousness and certainly will not be considered as a life partner.

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