Sex-shops, as a means of sexual liberation

Sex-shops, as a means of sexual liberation
 Each met these shops in the city. As a rule, their windows tightly shuttered, and the sign emblazoned inscription "Adults Only". You bypass these stores party or slows down, hoping to at least consider the corner of his eye, that there is.

Nothing shameful or perverse in visiting such a shop is not. If two people have sex, they like it, even though the chandelier or on the dining table, and this is normal, so why the desire to diversify their intimate relationships due to sex toys, is considered to be something wrong and unnatural? If you decide to try something new - feel free to go to the sex shop.

What can be found in the shop cherished? Of course, the famous vibrators and dildos. Contrary to popular belief, they are not necessarily used only for self-gratification. Many couples resort to this toy to expand the opportunities of stimulation. Try to experiment.

Very widely in sex-shop the various aphrodisiacs: perfumes with pheromones, scented candles, massage oils. All of this is designed specifically to enhance the sensuality and helps you to relax and enjoy the proximity, unknown before.

Also here you can find incredibly sexy lingerie. From exquisite erotic lace up special clothes for sex with slits in shorts and an open chest. Be sure to find costumes for role-playing games: nurse, schoolgirl, police, a nun - a lot of variants. And, of course, gaming accessories with the binding: handcuffs, whip, and much more.

Becoming more popular now so-called sexy cosmetics: gels, greases and lubricants. They, incidentally, can be found at any drugstore in the same department that sells condoms, indicating that their safety and wide recognition. In sex-store selection of these funds may be wider than simply presented. Grease used for different purposes: as additional stimulants, and if natural lubrication is not enough. Moreover, their use has beneficial effects on the microflora of the vagina, preventing the appearance of microcracks and ssadinok and have antiseptic effect. You can choose the gels with the smell of fruit or chocolate, cooling and warming and specialty lubricants for oral and anal sex.

It should be noted that now, with the development of the Internet industry, from embarrassment when shopping for adults can be eliminated altogether. Just choose your favorite items in the online store and make a delivery. Of the advantages of this method: you can dedicate plenty of time choosing, you are interested gizmos, not afraid to catch someone's disapproving look. Besides, if not even know about the assignment of a subject, all the details can be found in the same net. Delivery of goods online shopping by courier at a convenient place for you and (more importantly) in an opaque container. Although, there are also disadvantages. In the photos you can see everything is good, but the quality of the material, you will not get the submission. Some things, especially those that will adhere to the most delicate parts of your body, you should choose a pre-touch.

By the way, trekking in the sex shop can be a great aphrodisiac and warm partners, replacing them foreplay before stormy night. After the usual thrall of various sex toys has a stimulating effect. Discussion of shopping in this shop with your partner will take you to a completely different faces and can show each other new aspects in your relationship. Do not hesitate, do not be afraid and very soon you will feel that your intimate relationships are painted bright and sensual notes of the unknown pleasure.

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