Fear of sex

Fear of sex
 Fear of sex may be associated with many psychological reasons. Gradually, he could develop into a panic or depression, so you need to carefully treat the problem.
 Catalyst for the emergence of fear becomes the first sexual intercourse. The reasons are psychological, and physiological. For young girls, their first night of love becomes the most remarkable event in their lives, and test, because most of the ladies are trying not to think about his first sexual experience, as the pain and discomfort, as well as frustration and depression, come back. For men, a cause for concern becomes an erection. Because of the excitement and inexperience, men are often victims of a society that imposes standards and behaviors.

Another cause of occurrence of fear of sex may be parting with emotionally close partner. Not all the girls, and not all men, love the constant variety. After the termination of the relationship so hard for people to regroup, causing panic before sex with a new lover or mistress.

Third place in the ranking took the fears associated with the consequences of sex as unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases. Even reliable contraception will not help in this situation. Condoms can break, pills do not give an absolute guarantee, - all these thoughts can cause bouts of fear of sexual intercourse.

Individual factor influencing the perception of sexual side of life, is overpriced or too low self-esteem, which can play a cruel joke with her lover. Do not idealize the partner, as a real person is very different from the picture in my head invented.

Think of sex as part of a relationship between a man and a woman. Do not place any limits, as well as attempt to fight all the fears that sometimes occur.

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