Eternal love - is this possible?

Eternal love - is this possible?
 Live life with one person, keep him around, be it half and still feel overwhelming sense of love - sometimes it seems that it is simply impossible. But to give up on such a high sense is not worth it. We must realize that only depends on you the power of your love, and how long it will last.
 It happens that the couple, who have for a long time together, parted. Surrounding perplexed, because the prying eyes everything was perfect, and nothing foretold the break. Of course, there are really good reasons for separation. For example, a betrayal. If one spouse can not fully forgive others, then in that case really is better to leave. After all, the memory of this betrayal will live forever among the partners, which can not be said about their love.

Another thing is when couples break up without similar reasons. They think that feeling is not so strong that the relationship has gone from bygone ease passion disappeared vivid emotions. However, this is not an indication that among you there is no love. Love begins with love, fueled by passion and then develops into a strong, sturdy feel.

A few words should be said about love. Do not confuse love with this bright, but at the same time not too strong feeling. It occurs in the beginning of the relationship. You think that you can not even breathe when there is no your partner any touch causes a storm of emotions. Need to be prepared for the fact that the hurricane gradually subside and these feelings come calmer phase of your relationship. Such changes do not mean that love has disappeared. On the contrary, can rejoice in the fact that it occurred.

These feelings are to care, support and understanding of their partner. One of the most important senses, without which the eternal love absolutely can not exist - it's mutual. If you want to spend my life next to each other, you need to learn to respect the opinions, habits, decisions, friends of his partner. And that's not the whole list. Eternal love is possible, but only for those who are willing to sacrifice their own interests, are willing to compromise. For those whose sense of pride above. If you're ready to become a man, then your feelings are already very strong and reliable, therefore, they may be called "eternal love."

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