Casual sex

Casual sex
 Casual sex today no surprise. Quite a few people are ready to start a link that has no obligations. Most sex without commitment slopes of young people at an older age the percentage of such people is reduced.

Casual sex is attractive because after the partners have no obligations to each other. Most often casual sex like those people who do not want to, for whatever reasons of serious, long-term relationships. And not to say that men are engaged in casual sex more often than women. According to statistics, the relations among men without obligation had 57%, and among women - 42%.

Despite the fact that this kind of sex does not imply any commitment, but still some things worth finding out before it happened. Well, firstly, the need is still confident that the partner does not count on something more than just to satisfy their sexual needs.

In addition, clearly marked position on this issue, will provide an opportunity to repeat the appointment without obligation. Otherwise, if you hide intentions and want to meet again, your partner may see this as a claim to something more than just casual sex. And the meeting will likely not take place.

Be prepared for the fact that if sex without commitment is repeated with one person several times, there may be some emotional connection. If you do not want this, you may want to consider the termination of the relationship.

Casual sex is suitable to relieve sexual tension, and for some people it is also a means of solving some psychological problems. For example, single people, such relationships give a sense that they are not all alone, that they can attract someone to initiate.

Maybe someone just do not have time to build a serious relationship. But still sometimes want to receive the physiological discharge. In this case, a casual relationship, too, have a place to be.

In another group of people the existence of casual sex in their lives due to the more serious psychological problems. So, if a person has experienced a break with your loved one, then maybe he is afraid that it will betray again, throw. So he consciously looking for easy, no noncommittal relationships.

In general, the reasons why people engage in casual sex can be a lot. In each they own. Still, it is worth remembering that sex with unfamiliar person can lead to adverse health effects. Therefore, to avoid this, it is necessary to think carefully about prevention methods.

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