Who should get acquainted? Secret Tactics

Who should get acquainted? Secret Tactics
 Many of the fairer sex are embarrassed to start the first acquaintance, as taken in relation to men to take the initiative. But in today's society generally accepted standards are increasingly fade into the background, and the girls, afraid of losing all their favorite young man, overcome pride and humility and take the first step towards a new relationship.

Most often, girls and women are hesitant to start with the first man, afraid to seem frivolous and easily accessible. Of course, everyone wants to see a man courted and sought. I want to be proud and mysterious. But if such a man to wait a very long time, then you can stay single for life.

Girls are afraid to come first in order to explore, because they do not know what to do if they refuse or, God forbid, and even insulted. This is a serious psychological trauma for anyone, even with a strong character, a woman, because no one wants to be rejected, everyone wants to be the queen.

However, you must understand that men may doubt her attractiveness and be too modest. Therefore, the question of who should be the first to take the initiative in a relationship - ambiguous. Most likely, one who bolder and more sociable.

A man can learn, just make a girl a compliment. After all, nice words or looks of admiration, will impress even the most stringent touchy. Young people may cheat a little and. For example, to approach a girl in the street, posing as an advertising representative of a cafe or restaurant, and offer to taste a new dish or cocktail at the newly opened establishment.

Guys will be easy to start with the fair sex in traffic (now many women drive cars). A man only needs to be amazed by its agility in driving and refute the popular opinion among men that women are bad drivers.

Girls in dating, you can use its weakness. For example, during a flight on an airplane or riding the rides accidentally grab the hand of a young man and hug him with fright. Man you'll want to soothe and protect.

If you liked the guy when you dine in the café, try to keep an eye on him more often, smile at him. In that case, if you were with him at the same table, you can start a conversation by asking his advice in choosing the dishes.

The street girls can start discovering liked man, for example, by asking his phone to make an urgent call one. Tell him that you are in an unfamiliar place and do not know how to get to your destination.

Do not be afraid to get acquainted first, so as not to miss their fate, mate.

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