What if relations are deadlocked

What if relations are deadlocked
 Every time deciding any questions you frustrated and realize that you can not understand a soul mate and find common ground ... This situation can strongly inhibit and put a serious choice: to stay together or break up.
 At such times, you may want to hide from the world and to understand yourself. Especially difficult for those who for years lived together, have children or other circumstances combine. People understand that already passed through life not through a difficulty, and did it successfully, but now for some reason there is no more strength to live as before.

It is important to understand when overcome these feelings, you need to beware of taking rash and hasty decisions that may affect negatively on the future life. It happens that the reason all odds is the accumulated fatigue, which means you just need to relax, and everything will work out. If you realize that you are not prepared to ensure that the decisions, do not do it - give yourself time.

If you are serious about life and relationships, then you know that you can destroy them in an instant, and to build and restore the desired year. So is it worth the risk and act rashly ?! If we are not just, then set aside the problem and wait time. Perhaps all a matter of settled and will fall into place. Or the same time you will interpret the situation, and to find an optimal way of it, which will not be too difficult and painful.

In such a difficult situation, you will communicate. Although support the exchange of ideas will be very difficult, but that it will help you understand each other, to know everyone's opinion about what is happening, as well as possible solutions to the problem. If a difficult situation people do not turn away from each other, it testifies to the mutual respect and a willingness to understand the feelings of another and share them.

Remember that one of the reasons that relationships come to a standstill, a way of life and everyday worries. Maybe we should try to change the situation, relax and regain their attraction relationships and romance? And do not think that serious and mature people do not solve problems this way. No. Those who are interested in their own happiness and well-being of loved ones will do everything possible to save the situation. Although sometimes it means to let go of a loved one, to respect his right to choose and to allow him to live differently.

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