Tao sex: sex on the energy level

Tao sex: sex on the energy level
 Taoism - the religious and philosophical doctrine, whose foundations were laid by the Chinese Taoist sages, about two thousand years ago. In contrast to European philosophers, Taoists perceived sexual relations not as something sinful, but as a natural part of human existence. Therefore, their teaching spread to relations between the sexes and become a guide to action, allowing the man and woman to share physical energy and reach, thereby longevity.

Taoists perceive sex as a wonderful and enjoyable opportunity to update the human body and its healing, rejuvenation, communication with the Cosmos and the accumulation of physical energy. They belong to ejaculation during intercourse as a waste of a large number of vital energy. Of course, this does not apply in cases where a man and woman having sex for the purpose of fertilization. In all other cases, according to the tao of love, the release of seed accelerates the approach of death, and therefore orgasm and ejaculation in Taoism separated.

This is achieved by using special equipment man, which is called "inyakulyatsiya." Its use prevents the release of semen through action on the reflex points Yan Mo, which is located between the anus and the scrotum. According to the Tao of love, the male seed remaining in the body ("Jin"), mixed with his cosmic life force energy "zhi", bringing it closer to immortality.

Much attention is paid Taoists and energy of the female body during sexual intercourse. Special equipment include the plural it reaches orgasm at a sexual act that may last up to several hours. With inyakulyatsii man maintains a constant erection that allows a woman to get full satisfaction. In this case, male orgasm is extended so five minutes, turning in a series of slow spasms, without ejaculation.

Appliances inyakulyatsii stimulates energy points located on the penis and the vagina that restores the energy balance of the body. In this case, a man and a woman and still communicate with each other by their energy, making your partner stronger. Taoist sex involves the simultaneous orgasm, which means that a man during sexual intercourse should be a little relieved to monitor the status of women, it helps him not overexcited, not to thyself. He must know and understand the language of the female body, his own feelings, to prolong sexual intercourse up until his lady is not satisfied.

Taoist Secrets of Love are known only in conjunction with spiritual development. This path is not easy, but the results will let you know the ordinances of sublime love, tenderness, which will be the meaning of your life.

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