Stereotypes in relations

Stereotypes in relations
 "That's right, so it is accepted! "- Surely you've heard these words, and from the closest people. And why is "necessary", and who first decided that "made"? However, you need to behave that way, otherwise people will condemn. Here it is - the stereotypes in the relationship.
 Sometimes you have to break their behavior, their desires, feelings, subjecting them to a number of unknown people and what the restrictions imposed. They are very tenacious, very reluctantly and slowly back down, smoothed. Especially in all matters relating to the relationship of the sexes. It seems to be in the court of the third millennium, women confidently occupy high positions, become heads of state. And still, in many places believe that the girl can not take the initiative, dealing with the guy. Even if she likes it. Like, it's a real shame for the girl and her family. We must wait to be the first step towards the convergence of a made guy.

Jokes about blondes ruined the lives of many intelligent women whom nature has endowed blond hair. Once blonde, so silly, period. This stereotype is amazing tenacious. It is no wonder that many men willing to flirt with blondes, but the registrar are brunettes or brown-haired women. Who will want to link their fate with silly.

By the way, even those brunettes and brown-haired women are often the victims of another long-standing stereotype: any woman certainly stupid men. "The hair is long, but the mind is short! "- This impish saying for many years. Therefore, some husbands feel superfluous to tell their wives about their affairs and problems, consult with them. Like, a waste of time, what advice she can give. Hence the problem, insults and quarrels. And sometimes reaches up to the divorce.

And here's another incredibly tenacious stereotype. How many of you have not heard, the parents angrily scolds baby whimpering: "Now stop bawling. Are not you ashamed. Just think - fell, hurt. You - a boy, the future man. You can not cry. Stick it! "And the boy grows up, and live up to mature years with the firm conviction: man must endure. Grab the heart - is nonsense, tolerate a pill under the tongue. That's already passed. And then - the call "ambulance". And doctors are powerless shrug: "Well, why he had not come to us with such a cardiogram? Why tolerate? "Yes, because I accepted. "A man has to be patient." Who decided so, when, why - is unknown. However, persistently tolerated, up to the moment when he can not help anything.

In short, stereotypes did not want to take positions. But obey them their lives still should not be. After all, the man is not in vain called reasonable.

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