Psychology "mama's boy"

Psychology "mama's boy"
 For a woman, affection and attention of the man to his mother at first seems indisputable advantage. But over time, she realizes that her mother played in his life a major role. Attempts to put a man to choose ends victory brought up his women.

"Mama's boy" called the man who failed to break the bond with his mother and got a strong psychological dependence on it. Contrary to popular belief, it does not have to look "pocketed" and the oppressed. They can be strong and independent man, quite successful and making impression confident person.

Often "mama's boy" educate grandmother and mother. The lack of male involvement is manifested in the fact that the boy's childhood care and cherish. Growing up, he becomes unable to break away from the mother's skirt, is entirely dependent on its will and desires. Mother with whom he decides to make friends, to visit some sections of the university to act. It controls every step of your child. Directing his actions, it paralyzes the will of maturing males.

"Mama's Boy", subjected to maternal suggestion, perceive women as predators, hunting for his freedom and living area. In the intimate life of these men, as a rule, capricious and infantile. "Mama's boy" look after their appearance, they are well educated, cultured and attentive. These qualities are attracted to them women. But not all of them agree to a lifetime to be on the sidelines and endure comparisons in-law, my husband thinks that the ideal woman.

Emotional immaturity - the main problem of "mama's boy." They can be successful in building a career, but are afraid to make a responsible step and start a family. Additional responsibilities scare them, often they flatly refuse to become fathers, not wanting to look for additional sources of income or change jobs.

If you are still lucky enough to connect my life with a man of this type, try to make friends with her mother in law, and not stand in opposition, as is likely, the husband of the mother chooses. You will have a long time to accept the fact that his life will be invisibly present another woman having great power over him. If a man is worth, you can try to become a second mother to him. This is exactly what many women are satisfied with the relationship, thus showing their maternal instinct.

To re "mama's boy", have much hard work. Remove it from my mother's skirts, you make half the story. Try to move to another apartment, and even better - in other cities.

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