Men with a rich past ...

Men with a rich past ...
 When a woman's life by a man with whom she is ready to tie their fate, before it raises the question of willingness of men to such an eventuality. And also about what to do if a partner has appeared with the "rich" last?

It should make a reservation that, from a certain age, another option may not be in principle. On the contrary - the absence of any past a man over forty years should make a woman think. However, many ladies somehow continue to dream of easy relationship with a partner, not burdened by any obligations from a past life.

It's no secret that in many ways on how a woman can properly treat the past men, depends on the further development of their relations. Psychologists say that man belongs to the past initially much easier than a woman. The normal state for him - to be "here and now", in contrast to the lady who constantly remembers the past or thinking about the future. So what happens now, for a representative of a strong half of mankind is much more important than what it once was before. this also applies to your relationship.

Taking as a basis for this assertion, try to give some advice to women who face various forms of "rich" last men.

Let's start with the most striking example, when a man was before I met you married and maybe more than once. No matter what you were already in his life after a previous relationship broke up. The first time is likely to be overshadowed by the jealousy of the former. Your task is to survive with dignity, not allowing for your account to solve its material, personal and psychological problems. In this case, it is worth considering, and if you are not waiting in the near future the same fate.

Manifestation of paternal feelings to children from a previous relationship, you should not be perceived negatively. Indeed, this fact speaks only decent person with whom you are planning a life together. However, your negative attitude towards children or rejection of the father of communication with them can turn against you. But at the same time you should alert a situation where a man is not considered your interests, placing them in last place in the hierarchy of their preferences.

It sometimes happens that a woman is faced with the fact that a man cherishes the memories of the past and does not want to part with it. The last thing in this situation, you should do - is to sort things out and put before choosing a partner. Try to take it with understanding, and then over time the story of your relationship will replace the memories of the past. Another thing, if the communication, albeit platonic, continues with you. It is possible that such a relationship does not carry any threat to you, but this is an additional reason to think about what it lacks a man in communion with you.

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