Men started to marriage and fatherhood

Men started to marriage and fatherhood
 If the purpose of your communication with a man is a family and having children, you should initially approach the selection of the right partner. Learn to distinguish the men from the family of adventurers on various grounds, you save yourself from mistakes and disappointments.
 A male householder can always be determined by how he treats his parents and how honors kinship. This man loves to talk about his family, to transfer the traditions and customs, says a lot about his family, in particular, about my mother. The nature of his calm and balanced - this is an ideal candidate for the role of a loving father and husband. Family man - a very responsible and reliable, any woman will be happy to feel helpless and weak with such a strong person.

Getting acquainted with a man looking into his family - what kind of relationship prevails between the parents. If the spouses live in peace and harmony in the house is cozy and comfortable emotionally, then there is every chance that a man will try to create a family similar to the parental hearth. People tend to project the attitude of their parents for their own families. A man will treat his wife and children as his father did. Therefore, if your prospective father in law is an example of respectable family man, you are on the right track.

To understand whether a man a good father difficult. If he has a younger brother and sister, find out what kind of relationship exists between them - coaching, competition, fierce competition, etc. This does not mean that it will behave the same way in relation to their children, but the stereotype perception of it already has. Have pets too revealing - if he cares, cares about their pets or tries to ignore them.

If you are looking to "calculate" the perfect dad, looking at how a man is in other people's children - a hopeless task. Everything is relative. It can not pay attention to the neighbor's toddler niece or your own, but your child will be for him the meaning of life.

Rely on your intuition - you must be sure of the man, to feel his strength and support. Stability and similar views on life are the main qualities needed for a family - make sure that his intentions are serious, permanent habits and enthusiasm harmless.

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