Love - a bad joke

Love - a bad joke
 At all times, people are wondering where to find love, whether it exists at all and why, along with this comes a sense of pain. Many were sad love story, when the second man could not or would not give you happiness. Separation, betrayal, unrequited love - it is impossible to find a cure to get rid of it.

If you think about the reasons due to which love turns to evil things, then we can think of many explanations. Unfortunately, in the relationship between two people is often a strong emotional attachment, dependency, which does not allow to forget about the person. To survive the separation, it is necessary to get rid of this feeling, turn your attention to something new, find something that completely captivate you. However, this takes time.

Very often there is affection due to lack of something in life. When a person can not be happy, he's trying to find someone who can fill that spiritual emptiness. However, this is not the solution. In such situations, love is more like a joke, a parody of a normal relationship. The right decision - to learn to solve their own problems, try to feel like a person, find inner core.

Unfortunately, trying to find solace in love, people do not realize how false and disingenuous look their actions and words. Partner starts to notice it, relationships deteriorate, and in the heart of man settled yet and self-doubt, its appeal.

Another big problem with regard to love is the pursuit of the ideal. Oddly enough, but trying to find a real prince or princess, people do not want to see all the good things in their lives. Eternal nagging, quarrels, conflicts and demands can not go in vain. Ultimately, such a relationship ends parting, and people cease to believe in the sincerity of feelings. They just love playing.

Before you find love, you must decide with their desires. It is necessary to understand what it is you want from a partner. Also think about what you can give to another person. Only a relationship in which both sides give themselves 100%, can lead to a happy life.

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