How to fall in love with a loved one

How to fall in love with a loved one
 Unrequited love - a story that happens to everyone. But instead of falling into depression and despair, it is better to try to fight for love. Is it possible to fall in love with someone you love? And how to do it?
 It would seem that feelings arise by themselves, cause them artificially - is wrong and unfair. But if you have a chance, why suffer and lose important for you human? Besides - you do believe that you absolutely fit him, he just has that he did not understand. It remains only to convince him.

This is the percentage of women that the first item in these topics is appearance. It is unlikely that a man interested in a nondescript girl dressed as something eternal and shaggy. You do not have to be a socialite, simply look good, staying true to their habits and style. Careful, beauty - these are the main your allies. Men like long hair, expressive eyes, smooth skin, not very long nails, dress in tight clothes - in moderation, of course, simple things. It is clear to you trendy trend - skirt or dress floor-hoodie. The representative of the stronger sex decides that it's just a plain clothes. Take note and do an audit at the cloakroom.

Believe in yourself. Yes, you may get nothing. But at the same time that you have to lose? The chance? It, and so you miss if you do not do anything. Constantly remind yourself that you are worthy of the man. There are arguments against it? Eliminate them. Do not be afraid to take the initiative, but do not turn into obsessive fan. Men like women to win, but at the same time be sure that they will not run. Alludes to the feelings, but do not accept them openly. Once a man realizes that you're in love with him, he, being only slightly interested in you, he'll immediately forget.

Learn more about their interests. Do not pretend that long go crazy for the same movies, books and games, and that he had. But in a conversation, you will be able to support the theme - he just appreciate.

Listen to him. Yes, you too have something to say, but if you become a couple - there will be time to speak. And yet for him to become the best companion. Flirt. This art every girl has a birthday, just need time to learn how to think about it.

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