How to build a relationship with a man

How to build a relationship with a man
 Relationship with a man a rather complicated structure and develop them by their rules. But without the participation of the two sides in their construction, sooner or later catch up with the collapse of the Union.
 Build relationships in a couple need a meaningful way, often without succumbing to emotions and constantly monitors the behavior. Knowing the basic rules, it's easier to make your union strong and durable. Of course, without the desire to participate and partner to do it will be difficult, but watching a woman can really achieve a healthy relationship.

Do not forget who you are. Some women, especially those that are weak character, when entering into a relationship gradually lose yourself, dissolving in the interests, habits, lifestyle and social circle partner. This behavior is fundamentally wrong. Do not lose their identity, always remember about their passions, even if they are in stark contrast to those accustomed to your man.

Keep your distance. Be sure to leave the private space for themselves and for their partner. Try to spend time apart, meet friends individually, have a place where you can head to one (for example, start to dance, or sign up for fitness). Do not seek to penetrate the world of men, especially if he does not want to. Every person has a right to a part of life, hidden from others, even from a loved one.

On the concept of distance is and your behavior when you are alone with your partner. Do not seek to reveal the soul, giving every detail of a day of peace, or a conversation with a friend. Watch for their appearance, vocabulary and poses every minute of getting close to her lover. This is what will keep the feelings and not to succumb to the home.

Continue to care for and cherish each other. Yes, you are together and do not intend to give up, but that does not mean that it's time to admit connivance in the relationship. Affection and care should be manifested in daily touch, emotional expression, offering assistance and other details.

Discard the manipulation. And their desire to get to achieve something from a partner often leads to the use of techniques of manipulation. We'll give it to hurt, hints, upset view that man picks up pretty quickly, and he has to do what you want. To solve their problems in an adult: openly about the needs and desires and be prepared for the fact that you do not agree.

Maintain a dialogue. Joint life sometimes fills too much space, and that your conversations are reduced to the shopping list and discussion of dishes for dinner. Do not lose the connection, which is able to extend your relationship for many years. Continue to communicate on various topics, discuss interesting things as well as your relationships, experiences and feelings.

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