How to achieve your in a relationship

How to achieve your in a relationship
 Women love to make plans - from dating a man, they predict in advance what will be living together with him, seeking common ground on issues of raising children and maintaining a common household. For these plans to implement, we must be able to competently build relations with a man.
 To your emotional blackmail to be effective, it is necessary to use different techniques in different situations. Demonstration of its power and superiority over men can lead to the opposite result, because any man wants to be master of the situation. So try as little as possible to show their independence, autonomy, do not press respected, even if in fact you are right and can really show off their qualities.

Will succeed the opposite type of behavior - a sign of weakness. Play the role of a victim, allow yourself to stay weak and defenseless, often weep and worry about nothing. Man will feel sorry for you, observe to do your desires and begin to do what you want.

If you decide to act on a man with the help of resentment and mistrust, then be prepared for the fact that sooner or later he will get tired to prove my love to you. You can use this technique occasionally in order to keep a partner in suspense and make it clear to him that you are not always tender and gentle. You do not have to raise your voice and take it out on yelp, tantrums - always try to express their grievances peacefully and rationally.

If you are offended, try to survive the entire period during which you were supposed to slightly delay the partner of yourself - if you "melt away" before the next time this manipulation will not work. Periodically replaced by anger at the mercy and behave differently - start to express support, sympathy, guarded man from all that, in your opinion, it can alarm. This behavior can not be called productive and versatile, but from time to time you can get yours if you act in this way.

A little more productive is emotional blackmail, which manifests itself in the care, acts of kindness and compassion. Try often show a man his love and respect his opinion and always stressed this, praise his chosen and make him a compliment. Fulfillment of your desires will be gratitude for the kindness and warmth. In addition, your relationship will be stronger and more harmonious if each partner will show attention, take care of each other and in every way to protect him from the worries and anxieties.

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