Gifts for February 23?

Gifts for February 23?
 February 23 for men - a special holiday. On this day every year he accumulates stock shaving foam, eau de toilette and shower gel, which will spend the next twelve months if he has many friends among the fair sex. If the number of friends is limited, the unfortunate man himself will have to replenish their "hygienic reserves".

If you belong to the category of procurers bathroom, then the next holiday will present lover, husband, friend some cute bottle with a fragrant foaming or content. But if you want to gift stand out from the crowd, you must activate the brain activity and become a little observant.

Men themselves often say what they want. Of course, if you ask directly, they may become confused. But in the course of everyday communication men often talk about what they do not have to be completely happy. And it will not necessarily be Mercedes or a sniper rifle, but quite ordinary things at reasonable prices.

Listen to what they are complaining about. Do not hear the alarm clock in the morning on a mobile phone and late for work? Give elegant in appearance, yet powerful force for sound alarm. Can not because of the cold open the car door? Otogrevatel locks will save him time and nerves. By the way, all sorts of electronic gizmos in the spirit of the stronger sex.

But different plush bunnies and kittens who are so fond of romantic young girl, can sometimes be not that desirable, but even offensive gifts for men, unless it is endowed with a good sense of humor. Such gifts are destined to gather dust in a dark corner - away from the eyes of friends - if only girl at each visit with passion not elicit: "Where is my little rosy kitten ?! »

Men have a little ways to express individuality, the main opportunity for them to adorn themselves - this accessory. Belts, cuff links, tie clips and other cute little things - the details of the toilet in which the stronger sex can accentuate your style. But it should be remembered that it is pointless to give men who prefer a sporty style, accessories, designed for the classic image. The gift should be combined with those things that is a man. And another ethical issue: for a loved one do not buy a lot of cheap stuff, it's better to be a small but stylish and high quality gift.

And for the most practical women easiest thing to go to the store with the man when it meets for the purchase and payment as a gift to the fact that he chooses himself. It does not matter what it is - a book, a shirt or a lantern. The main thing that the financial capacity coincided with the wishes of the donee.

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