Cyber ​​Sex: perversion or not?

Cyber ​​Sex: perversion or not?
 Talk about virtual sex popular. Here are just opinions interlocutors are often quite the opposite. Someone claims that this perversion, and someone - it's part of life. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And to make sure that it has changed, it is very, very difficult.  

Sex can be of different types. And something society considers a perversion, but something - the norm. But usually, over time, flows into another one. Let us recall the history of homosexual relationships. At many people it was fashion, then it became condemned (up to measures by the state), and now it is considered common, though criticized by individuals.

And virtual sex. He appeared not so long ago. And for the first time began to call a bunch of negative comments. Only if you ask those who think this kind of sex perversion, why do they think so, is unlikely to get a plausible answer. This is unusual. So, should be subject to censure. Most likely, the reason is that.

People looking for a way to accumulated sexual energy. And if they find him in the correspondence, then why not leave them alone? They do not violate laws and regulations, does not threaten the lives and health of others. It seems that no one is prevented. But if you look on the other hand, it is not a traditional sex. In fact, in the absence of a partner. And masturbation was a sin in Russia. And not only in Russia, to be honest.

Such a method to obtain satisfaction is common among adolescents with no experience in sex. And that's fine. They hurry to become adults. And if you can not in the real world, they do so in the virtual. Consider whether the distortion when 12-year-old girl learns about sex so each person to decide on their own.

The man in the silence of his apartment is free to do with her body whatever he pleases. If this does not violate the laws, of course. He can sleep with his own hand, with one partner with a floor, with a knitted toy, after all. It is not forbidden. Also not prohibited virtual sex. In fact, it does not bring any inconvenience to any person. It protects against sexually transmitted diseases, from aggressive partners of infidelity.

But there are also disadvantages. This option does not bring real satisfaction. Normal sex is far more productively in this regard. Partners do not feel each other, often do not even realize that no words. But every action (subject, decision, feelings, and so forth.) Has its drawbacks as well as its advantages. And only the man himself to decide what to outweigh.

Everyone makes their own choices in all. What to wear, where to go, where to work, for someone to learn to wear a hat or not ... and virtual sex. Someone decided that this perversion. And it is not to convince. Let thinks so his opinion should not prevent other people from getting satisfaction. In principle, this debate is very much like the question: which side to break the egg. Many problems brought his decision. And he's question and not worth a jigger!

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