Caution: gigolo!

Caution: gigolo!
 For every woman it is very important to her side was a real man. The man who will support and protect, care for and help. But unfortunately many women next to them are "neither" male. Such men shift their man's duties on women's shoulders and, moreover, enjoy it, and live at her expense. These men popularly called Alfonso. How to protect yourself and not get caught on his fishing rod?

Under the constant eye gigolo are women who have enough money and are lonely. That money beckon and attract a man like a magnet. It should be noted that the gigolo especially does not stand out from the crowd. Man as a man. But his boundless love of money, a great desire to live for others and do nothing, sooner or later resurface out.

If you do not want a broken heart, to give up on life and men, beware, as gigolos in our time a lot of divorced. Do not want to be cheated - do not be her. Yes, this truth is as old as the world. Do not need to trust the man who fell among the first entirely to avoid possible errors.

If a man with whom you meet, begins subtly to encroach on your money sitting at home and finds various excuses to not go to work, then you should consider his true feelings to you. In no case do not give up the slack. If he starts to ask about any gifts, financial aid, do not go at it on occasion. This man should give gifts to women, and women need to take them. But not vice versa!

Although there are times when a woman like this state of affairs, and she gladly contains man. If you do not belong to this group, and you can see that the situation has gone too far and you will "sit" on the neck, immediately cease all relations with this man. Statistics show that these men do not rehabilitate, and after breaking up with you, he, without hesitation, will lead a regular affair with another woman.

Do not regret the break with him, think about what you're self-sufficient woman who deserves true love and sincere attitude.

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