As defined in love

As defined in love
 Love - it's an amazing feeling and multifaceted, which manifests itself in varying degrees, depending on what a person puts into the concept of "love." Often this feeling confused with affection and habit, which is why there is a lot of doubt.
 If we consider that every individual relationships, it is difficult to advise anything. But if a Man or Woman unsure, it is important to understand their inner feelings and emotions, because they are associated with another person who has a right to know how it relates to that partner and experience. You may need help thinking about the following questions and aspects.

Think about what is at the heart of your love and what it is built. Perhaps it is the desire to have a reliable rear and support in difficult times, to know that you have the support and protection. On the one hand, these needs are natural and normal, but when it comes to love, you need to look deeper. For example, love is not selfish, and therefore, a person who likes to be willing to give, to help, and not just receive. It would be nice to think about, you would have stayed with this man, if he became disabled or ill deadly disease? Of course, do not cheat yourself extra time, but if you know that the person you are interested in, as long as he has money and health, it is not love.

Pay attention to how you look. While some believe that the lack of similarity in people makes them a good complement to each other, in fact, differences in the nature can cause irritation. Think, if there is no wrong in your case? For, example, if one was used to make all fast and surfactants and other slowly and carefully, it can be difficult to each other.

Notice the similarity of interests. In order for people to love each other, they must be something in common. Maybe you like one music or pastime. And maybe, you know, that same look on life and think it is very important.

Do not lose sight of the differences. In any relationship problems, but it does not matter that you're fighting, and what do you know how to solve misunderstandings. And we are not talking about how to "solve" all kiss and be able to discuss issues and come to a common denominator, going if necessary to make concessions.

Do not close your eyes to the shortcomings of each other. If you can not get along with them, then maybe you do not love each other, and simply feel sympathy.

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