5 Tips to great sex

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 In each pair, the rules are added sex. Some prefer the intimacy no rules at all. But still, to have more fun without any unpleasant consequences, should be familiar with the basic tips for great sex.

Council first.
Take care of contraception. Life and so full of problems, so you need to protect themselves from possible problems with health, even more so from an unwanted pregnancy. No matter how strong your desire was to have each other here and now, to think rationally and take care of health.

About contraception can not think, if you are confident in your regular partner or wish to soon acquire offspring.

Tip Two.
Want to have sex with both partners should, therefore, should not be intrusive to offer yourself if you do not want. Also, do not have sex for yourself if you do not want. In what good it will not.

The only advice in this case - you can try to use her sexuality to seduce a partner. If you get it, it is possible and in the process of sex to keep the initiative in their hands. You can also give the partner a chance to seduce you.

Tip Three.
To voice their desire for sex. Feel free to talk about what you like and what does not. Ask and interests that gives more pleasure to the partner. Knowing the desires of each other, you will achieve harmony and brightness in sexual intercourse.

Woman reaches orgasm much more slowly than men. Explain partner that he must first take care of your pleasure, and then on his own.

Do not be selfish in this case too - enjoy sex should receive and partner. Let kindness be reciprocal. For acuity senses try new poses, to meet the desires and fantasies of each other.

Tip Four.
Do not load up tightly before sex. A man with a full stomach is more inclined to sound sleep than to great sex. Sexual contact is not to give pleasure, if you find it hard to move.

Do not drink a lot of alcohol, if you intend to spend a night of love. You can afford a small amount of wine or champagne for greater freedom.

Tip Five.
Be looseness. Do not try to make a good impression on the partner, behave naturally. Relax and enjoy the pleasure to have sex themselves. In a fit of passion man is not to detail. He did not pay attention to his hair disheveled, for an extra crease, there is no lipstick.

Make yourself your sex life bright and unforgettable.

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