5 signs beau, from which it is necessary to run

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 If you are going on a first date, girl at heart can hope for a miracle - suddenly this is meeting with her future husband. Is this your man, you'll have on a first date. There are several signs by which one can understand that with such a cavalier better not to have affairs.
 1. The man is late on a first date, more than a quarter of an hour. In justification he can complain about the traffic jams, to talk about the accident and a crowd of old ladies who had to translate across the road. Think carefully whether you need a boyfriend. Will you keep wasting their time because of the fact that he can not plan your schedule.

2. It offers you a drink, and he leans on alcohol, explaining that nervous to meet such a beautiful woman. Usually behave as men who already regularly consume alcohol. From such a gentleman should lam as soon as possible, no good romance with lover "green dragon" is over.

3. Your gentleman brings all conversations to discuss his former woman. No matter what words he remembers it, he finds that the fact that she is still interested in him, but he's not ready for a new relationship. If he responds negatively about it, it's a bad sign - he used to blame their own failures of others.

4. From the first minutes of dialogue he tries to touch you. Statement says almost nothing, but hints at the fact that even now ready to have sex. If he is trying to "clever" and completely out of place or writers quoted verse says, most likely this is another graduate of the pick-up of the training. This gentleman longer than one night will not be late, so for serious young lady is not an option.

5. During your visits him several times called my mother, during intercourse, he constantly compare you with it. And in general, the whole conversation was limited to his mother's cooking, her taste in clothes, favorite color and so on. To live with a "mama's boy", you will be difficult to impossible, you will always lose his mom, and, in principle, why do you need "adult" child.

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