This man is powerful, smelly and hairy?

This man is powerful, smelly and hairy?
 According to official statistics, the victory of feminism in the 60-70-ies of the last century in America had broken the traditional way of family. If you look at the present time, we can understand that women are becoming more prosperous than men. Pole changing.

At this rate, soon becomes a man to sit at home and raise children, and to any woman can come up, shake hands and say, "You're a real man! "... At the moment it is an allegory. But it is possible that this idea will receive confirmation of their material.

Turn slightly to stereotypes. What is a real man? He should be able all at once: to earn a lot of money to support his family, but find plenty of time to devote to his wife and children should be able to fix the tap and drag the refrigerator to the fifth floor without elevator and assistance, always be sexually active and bring his wife or mistress pleasure ...

So, stop! Are men born something everyone should? And where is the emancipation of women, which has been so much talk? Demand equality? So let's all going to live and work on an equal footing.

In the minds of men remains a perception of the world that a man should be hairy, smelly and bearish strength in their hands. I would like to ask a question: "Where such a stereotype?". And if you try to figure out all together on this issue? For example, a touch on hairiness. Can anybody give a clear answer on the subject of what it is? Assign warm socks from this still does not work, and excessive hair growth - the increase in body temperature, consequently, more intense sweating.

Immediately jump to the second point - at the expense of adverse flavors. Tell you a secret - all the sweat. And the smell of sweat depends largely on the fact that people have something to drink, where he works, and more.

About moguchest. In ancient times, when people had a lot of free time. There was no cable, no internet, man only had that pass the time in any physical games (such as boxing) or physical work. Now guys often have to sit on the books or in front of the monitor, in order to inflate their brains information useful for work or school. Consequently, the development of such a powerful muscles no longer receive. Therefore there is a choice of either a strong but dull, with earnings loader or weak, but brainy, with earnings management company.

What once was and what is now, can not be compared, because the changed conditions for survival. Even Darwin wrote that survives is not the strongest, but the most adaptable. Therefore, you have to adapt.

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