The owner of the house or home tyrant?

The owner of the house or home tyrant?
 "I - master of the house! "This phrase like to say some men. That's just its meaning may be twofold. If a man of strong character, responsible and hard-working, if he knows a lot and is able to, besides making a lion's share of the family budget, there is nothing surprising in the fact that he claims to leadership. For him, the concept of "owner" means that he assumed full responsibility for the family, and instead relies on the respect that his opinion would be considered.
 In some cases, wives do not have anything against the rule of man. Here it is only important that the man did not cross the border, belonged to his wife with respect and love, listened carefully to her advice. Intelligent and well-mannered husband never reject "a threshold" wife's opinion, especially in the offensive, even insulting terms. And he did not hesitate to admit she was right, especially in those matters where the wife is really understands better.

But there are opposite examples. Man earns less than his wife, and sometimes all sitting around her neck, with no help around the house. Go to the grocery store, to fix a leaky faucet, replace the faulty socket - all this for him is akin to heroism. How rude, but just talking about these people: "Sense - if from goat's milk." However, he painfully aggressive claim leadership requires unquestioning obedience, the tyranny of his household, finds fault with them, continually repeating, "I - master of the home! »

The nature of domestic tyranny is different. Sometimes a man behaves because of extreme selfishness. He truly believes that his household had the good fortune to live under the same roof with a talented, extraordinary man, but because they have meekly heed his wise guidance and receive reprimands. In this case there is any doubt in his originality and talent of this man plunges into intense anger. Such behavior is inherent in man, who as a child too spoiled, not accustomed to work.

But in some cases domestic tyranny become insecure, timid, even cowardly people. Their childhood, on the contrary, obdelyali love and care over them mocked and scoffed stronger peers. Therefore, as adults, they seem to divert the soul to those who are weaker. Such domestic tyrants households simply revenge for his past humiliations, and to a stronger person ready to cringe.

Excellent portrayed the nature of such terrible men wonderful cartoonist H. Bidstrup in their work, which is called "domestic tyrant." A man shouted at the morning little girl, frightened wife, banging his fist on the table and struck the dog whip, scolded the maid, and then stood by the service, shaking with fear of the boss, getting spacing.

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