Love without sex. Is this possible?

Love without sex. Is this possible?
 The meaning of love is to be given to the partner completely, without reserve, to the spiritual and physical level. Without this unity, which provides mutual attraction, common interests and desires, regular sex is impossible to fully healthy relationship.
 Love without sex is often one-sided - unrequited, which is unknown, who do not want. If a man madly in love with another, but in return is rejected, or when passion has no idea what he is feeling - this is love without sex. And it is real, but only at a certain stage of the story - or people further apart, and not finding common ground, or trying to become better acquainted with all the consequences.

Love at a distance also prevented sensual union bodies. Communication on the Internet or by phone is fully capable to awaken love impulses, but not close, though rare, contact such relationships do not make sense. Give your body, enjoyment, excitement and stopping at the touch of a loved one - is the highest degree of pleasure in love. Without these feelings love can not be full and happy. But long-distance relationship can last a long time and fed only virtual communication - that the nature of human nature, who lives with hope and dream about the meeting.

Men and women relate to sex differently. A man accustomed to draw their mental impulses in physical attraction, he clearly understands what he wants, goes to his goal and achieves desired. Women perceive the object of passion originally in another way - she sees a man gives it to his imagination nonexistent character and falls in love with his ideal. After the first proximity or she is aware that her ideal of those and ended up, or suffers from the fact that expectations were not met - just sex with a man "pulls" her from heaven to hard reality. And this love without sex, which she enthusiastically indulged simply dissolves in frustration, resentment and misunderstanding.

Loving couples often face the problem of lack of sex. At the initial stage of the relationship when feelings and emotions is particularly bright, the view that the possible lack of sex will not rupture and loss of love, is quite stable. It seems that if you love a person is willing to endure anything to be with him. And if there comes a time - you no longer have sex due to any reason, then withstand such a test can not please everyone.

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