How to understand the man she loved?

How to understand the man she loved?
 Often women mistakenly believe that they are unable to understand her man. An important key to understanding is the ability of the fair sex to be honest, straightforward and to know when to offer a compromise.
 When a man and woman are together for a long time, they begin to arise between different kinds of disputes, quarrels and scandals. And the longer they are together, the more often appear in their relationship conflicts, the main cause of which is trivial misunderstanding.

To understand your loved one, you need to learn how to talk to him in the same language. Before the beginning of the conversation clearly thought about what you want to talk. Tell him what you are concerned about, and tell him about what you want out of him. For example, honestly tell him that you do not like constantly listen to him talk about the work before going to bed, and he is sure to appreciate it.

The main mistake that the fair sex make a conversation with a man - they hurt his feelings. In no case do not try to compare it with other men, otherwise it will be closed to you. The conversation should end with conclusions that will suit both of you. If your loved one will respond to you just one sentence, do not be surprised, because men often keep their emotions inside.

In some cases, men do things without first thinking about the consequences they may cause. It is not necessary for it to them to be offended. If he came to dinner at your parents in a sweater and jeans, remember that for the stronger sex thing - to feel comfortable. The outlook for them is not as important.

Do not try to manipulate your man, be sincere with him, because he also needs the support and approval, as well as you. Be desire to be with him, but do not go to extremes and do not begin to devote her life to him. Give him small gifts that are sure to prompt him how much you love him. If you lay down together to watch TV, hug him and kiss. Learn to listen and hear it, and then in your relationship with harmony.

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