How to extend the relationship

How to extend the relationship
 The very first meeting, first kiss, the first night together - all this is very important and this is the beginning of your novel. But then comes the time to develop a relationship. Many couples at this point begin to experience difficulties - no topics for discussion, no common interests. Lovers begin to doubt his choice and glances to the side.
 In this case, the woman should analyze the situation, understand what she expects from men. Often the girl met her prince, completely has taken on his shoulders the care of his happiness. She had already planned out his life - he earns well, giving her expensive gifts, carries a vacation at the resort. But such claims, when a man is aware of their size to fully begin to put pressure on him.

Relationship to continue and develop further, and the woman, and the man must take care of each other's happiness. Every man - is an individual with their habits, thoughts and feelings, it is important to understand this and not try to drive the lover in any frame. Grow yourself and give scope for the development of their partner. Incorrect statement of the problem: "Buy me a fur coat, my dear! ". You can not only demand - that your relationship was long-term, it is necessary to plan and dream together.

Imagine that you want to eat delicious apples, it needs to grow it yourself - choose a sapling, fertilize the land to plant an apple tree, take care of it for several years. Only then you will enjoy the harvest for many years. And the need to nurture your relationship, to learn some excellent results in the form of a strong happy family.

Loving people eventually get to communicate with each other more and more pleasure. They find a common language, understand the spouse is not something that perfectly and completely without words! Sex life becomes richer and brings pleasure to both - the partners adapt to the needs of each other. Do not be afraid to discuss sensitive issues, it's definitely going to benefit. If you develop your relationship, capturing all aspects of life, honor and praise to you!

Listen to her lover - every hint, every tactful remark, every praise. You can even record in a notebook, but so what, it looks silly, but you can always at your leisure to read and refresh your notes. After all of the little things and happiness consists, for example, he mentioned that he loves soups, so get your hands on some good recipes and pamper him every day! Do not worry, man, too, will start to listen to you, and you will receive a gift is exactly what wanted.

Opening all facets of a person's identity, which love to be surprised and can be moved indefinitely, so the relationship can grow and take all of your long life together.

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