How to avoid awkward silence

How to avoid awkward silence
 You know the situation, when all sides suddenly fall silent, and hangs in the air oppressive silence? If yes, then you will not be amiss to learn how to honorably withdraw from the situation.
 One of the common causes of long pauses in the conversation is the desire of its members to present themselves only with the best hand. This often happens on dates. The main thing for you in such situations - to understand that the only person who is waiting for you a role model - is you. So relax and be natural.

If you are thinking about when speaking each word to appear interesting and witty conversationalist, you will achieve the opposite effect. It is better to listen to your opposite number understand what topics are really interesting not only to you, what questions need to be answered. In the end, you're not at a diplomatic reception, where each word has weight?

Private conversation can seem like an interrogation, but a healthy interest companions to each other it must be present. That's why asking about the latest developments in the life of a friend - do not be ashamed. Alternate your questions with statements. For example, ask a friend what films he looked lately. Listen carefully to the answer, and, without waiting for another question, please tell us what you are interested in latest films.

Tie one theme to another, so as not to break the dialogue. Did you know that your partner is going to do repairs? Tell him how you do this difficult job. Perhaps you remember passing some amusing story connected with it. Any dialogue can begin with a discussion of color cars on a nearby parking lot and finish his dreams of world revolution. In order to give effect to the first theme, it is usually enough just to look around. Just do not start to gossip about friends that just met. It can be characterized as you minded people seeking a straw in another's eye.

However, a few topics of conversation always need to have in reserve. For example, ask your friend about his family, work or school and student years. As banal as it may seem, but also talk about hobbies, too, can be quite fruitful. Speaking about his hobby, a person usually experiences a positive emotion, and that is not the satisfaction of each other and is the result of any meeting? But avoid conversations (especially with strangers) on the theme of finance, health, religion or politics. Firstly, it is considered improper, and secondly, in the heat of controversy, and you can quarrel with a man who is nice to you, once and for all.

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