Sexual Role of Women

Sexual Role of Women
 Argued that the men walking with one, and marry others. In love them, you see, priestess, Bring, and at home - a submissive wife and an excellent mother. But every woman carries a number of roles, and often they are the evolution from one stage to the next ...

Women often split personality at the same time on a daring sexual object and a submissive mother. Romantic ideal and beloved sister - is the following milestones stages of a woman, and such she can see her man.

It turns out that four female incarnation are four stages, which are bound to have in any woman's life: first, it is - a daughter, a sister, and then the romantic ideal of a sexual object, and eventually his mother. Woman soaks up all these roles, and the next stage is gradually grows from the previous one. The result is a mature personality.

The woman will not be able to become a perfect mother, if it has not passed the previous stages. And what then happens to men? In his mind, there is his ideal, and all his life he was looking for it.

In marriage, the husband treats his wife as a whole person, although in different situations wife appears before him is his sister, the lover, the ideal, and sometimes the mother. But if he purposefully looking for a partner as a mother and a nurse, caring wife, he is absolutely not interested in the image of a fatal beauty and razbivatelnitsy hearts.

So you can play along with your man, feeling some sexual role involves him at the moment. More young boys interested only sex objects. These women are bright in appearance, capricious, whimsical, and insatiable. Considered if a woman plays this role for a long time, the child she was hated by parents or rejected by their peers.

Nursing attitude essentially asexual, it is good to use in collaboration at work, mutual support.

Be romantic ideal for his men could and should be, but perceiving sexual self interest, these women lose interest in the man and are looking for a new victim.

A mother - is the last step, to strive. Next to a man she feels whole person. Such women men are willing to tell all your sorrows, to cuddle up to her chest. But sexual feelings she sacrifices the family well-being of children and husband, she is not able to defend their right to emotional and sexual satisfaction.

Each role has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should always be different and to be able to surprise your partner every time a new attitude towards it.

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