Sex with a virgin. Taming of the Shrew

Sex with a virgin. Taming of the Shrew
 It is believed that men give up their virginity much earlier than most women, so by the age of twenty they already have enough experience. But it happens that a man is twenty virgin. If you know that your current boyfriend turned out to be one of them, take responsibility for the issue of first sex.

The first rule - do not show him that you are aware of his virginity, if he does not initiate the topic. If he mentions about it, did not pay attention and, especially, do not joke about it. Do not try to figure out the reason why he chose you for the first time. If you were in bed, so the reasons for it.

To loosen it, you can offer to drink a glass of wine. The main thing - to restrict a small amount and do not move on to harder habits. Worried man can overdo it, and then no sex does not take place.

Since your experience much more, you'll probably want to play the role of "experienced seductress" and take the whole process under control. But such behavior is fraught with danger. A man can sit back and decide that nothing from him and is not required, but it is bad for your further relations. It is better to give the man's initiative, let him feel that he is in control. If something goes wrong, gently correct him, but does not teach and do not order.

Be sure to take care of contraception. A man can just forget about this nuance because of the large number of experiences that he is experiencing.

Do not expect much from that night. Of course, there are the only ones who get everything perfectly the first time, but do not expect it not worth it. Most likely, it will come to the finale, when you are just starting to warm up properly.

After sex, in any case do not criticize a man, on the contrary, praise him. The main thing, do it sincerely and to the point. Excessive flattery it is easy to recognize, because he himself is well aware that not everything went smoothly.

Many women believe that male virgin - a waste of time and effort, but the experienced man always knows how to give a woman pleasure. This statement is not always true. Man dies recruited highly experienced, he becomes arrogant and thinks he knows everything about everyone. But every woman - the creation of a unique, each needs a different approach. And no one would be so diligent in finding ways to please you, as the man from whom you were first.

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