Sex in a public place - corruption?

Sex in a public place - corruption?
 How often in the world of relationships and dating only people lack some peppercorns. Monotony becomes boring and mundane. Feelings for each other are blunted, and relationships are withered and dry.

Each couple strive for diversity in sex. First change postures, then come into force sex games. Men and women play the role of secretary and boss, the director and a student, waitress and visitors. Selected a variety of costumes, accessories and attributes. Next restless elected try to have sex in different parts of his apartment: it on the couch, at the kitchen table, in the bathroom.

When fantasy about sex is over, the thought comes to mind to make love outdoors - in nature, in the car, in the dressing room of the store. On the one hand increases the proportion of pairs of adrenaline - the fear of being someone pinned down, and on the other - an unforgettable diversity in intimate life.

But what about those people who can not help to witness the act of love? After a pair of lovers should realize that they are surrounded by dopey children and the elderly grandmother.

Choose a place for sex, so if the pair decided to such drastic action must be carefully and cautiously, without violating the rights of others. If this is the beach by the sea, it is best attaches passion in the evening or night. At least in darkness hardly anyone you see. If this is a fitting store, have sex, when other people are waiting for their turn to be indecent.

Yet there are times when having sex in a public place - a necessary measure. Couple simply devoid of places where you can attaches shamelessly amorous pleasures. For example, if a husband or boyfriend drafted into the army, and did not give love really say goodbye, and separation is inevitable. Two lovers are starting to suffer and miss each other. If you get a chance to come to the woman his handpicked successor, involuntarily both want more than just a meeting room for visitors. They want to love, tenderness, affection and, of course, sex. Therefore, the couple is forced to seek a secluded place among the barracks for their desires.

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