Sex in a dream

Sex in a dream
 If you believe the theory of Sigmund Freud, most dreams have sexual connotations. Do you dream that you tie a scarf or go down in the elevator, riding a horse or climb on a high pole - all this can be interpreted as the repressed and encrypted thoughts about sex.

Perhaps this is so. However, people often dream about sex without subtexts and allusions. Just going on a sex scene, and they are its participants or spectators.

Scientists, by the way, give the following facts: more than 12% of men have dreams of a sexual nature, while women - about 4%. Moreover, almost 100% of men are participants in a dream of the sexual act, and only 7% - the audience. The women - a different picture: only 68 out of 100 women are active participants in a sex scene in a dream, and the remaining 32 - watching.

These figures explain the male orgasms during sleep (especially among adolescents and young adults), and confirm the claim that men think or fantasize about sex several times more often than women.

Sometimes after sex people's dream wake up with a sense of shame. This is what in the dream they violated taboos went beyond bounds. For example, may dream of having sex with another man or woman. Some women experience fear and anxiety because of their "dirty" thoughts that are implemented in a dream. Some people think that they have changed seriously, and they are afraid of what happened. Especially frightening scenes of violence and incest.

Should I be concerned because of these dreams, and what does it mean? Psychologists say that if these dreams are dreamed of once or twice, then there is nothing wrong and dangerous. Sleep - a reflection of our thoughts, desires, routine activities, permanent or disturbing situations, and our psyche. And often dreams can be interpreted very simple.

If you had a sex with another man, perhaps you just want to change in your life, not necessarily personal. Maybe you want to change jobs, lose weight, start learning a foreign language or to make repairs. And in this case sex with another man - just a symbol of change.

If you dream of having sex with several men, it may indicate that you are tired, and you have too many simultaneous challenges that require immediate implementation.

But if the same scenario sleep repeated again and again, especially if it contains elements of violence, it is a serious reason to think about his mental state. Try to analyze why this dream you dream, what processes and events in your life can cause it regularly. If you can not understand itself, try to consult a qualified psychologist or psychotherapist.

But sometimes sex in a dream just a testimony to our fantasies, even taboo. Therefore rejoice that sleep allowed you to experience the sensations that you will likely never dare to experience the reality.

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