Monitor their appearance and take care of your body love not only women, but also a strong half of mankind. Moreover, it is not unique to metrosexuals, for whom appearance - a fad, but also ordinary men. Invalid The popular idea that they should have rough hands, unshaven armpits and groomed person. What man would use a moisturizer, does not make it less manly.

Is very important for any man stylish, fashionable haircut. Since most of them are short hair - is the basis of the image of any representative of the stronger sex. And for those who walk with long hair, haircuts provided options that will help them look well-groomed and fashionable. Of course, no haircut will not look neat, if the hair is not myty and covered with dandruff. For men's hair manufacturers offer special shampoos and hair masks that will make them healthy and shiny.

In hair care complex includes a beard and mustache for those who wear these natural decorations. Carefully and neatly trimmed, they give a special charm and elegance, help adjust the shape of the chin, cover skin defects. Beard in the style of Leo Tolstoy's hopelessly out of date, but the musketeer beard will look very impressive.

For many women, men hands - one of the main parts of the body. Ladies even manage to determine the properties of nature and sexual preferences in the form of brushes, so manicure for the stronger sex is also necessary. Especially because many men are busy sedentary work, so black rim under the fingernails is a sign of an elementary carelessness. Well-groomed, soft hands with the treated nails - a sign that the man cares not only about themselves, because these hands it touches the skin of his partner.

Do not over for those who suffer from acne or enlarged pores, and will trip to the beautician. Plain handmade cosmetic facial cleansing is able to work a miracle. Keep your skin in good condition with the help of special tools for men, moisturizing it and relieve irritation from constant shaving. Suppose you are not beautiful like Alain Delon, but well-groomed facial skin softened cream and good smelling lotion still make you a real handsome man.

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