At the reception at the psychologist together. Important questions

At the reception at the psychologist together. Important questions
 Men often believe that women invent problems for yourself. However, sometimes these same problems destroy the family, and to save a marriage can only be experienced and qualified psychologist. And in order to have the first appointment with the specialist has passed successfully, it is necessary to identify key questions, the answers to which should help to find a specialist.

Usually together on appointment with a psychologist come those couples who are confused in their relationship. They can not understand each other, they do not hear (or do not want to hear) arguments partner and sometimes just think that the blame for all the quarrels second half. It is this behavior at a reception at the psychologist often demonstrate wife.

As a result, another scandal is brewing, which, unfortunately, unable to settle even an experienced specialist. That is why it is recommended to visit a psychologist in advance, but only one at a time. At the individual receiving the psychologist will help articulate a claim to the spouse and the fact that, according to the second partner, prevents them to live happily ever after. Later on sharing a psychologist brings together the claims of both sides and starts looking for "denominator", which will lead to problems.

The first question that should decide the spouses desire to keep the family. If either or both of the partners do not want to continue the relationship, and the second will have to agree to let him go. Forcibly because love can not be!

And if both seek to preserve the marriage, then the psychologist goes to the next question: - "What is the reason for a visit to a specialist? ". The answer to this question must write or say both spouses. It is at this stage may be disclosed causes quarrels and disagreements.

Then the doctor is interested in past relationships. How infancy marriage? Who was the initiator of the spouses? From someone who is more dependent materially and emotionally? Answers to these questions will help to prioritize and identify the true causes of cohabitation.

It is very important to understand the relationship of spouses to each other, which is not satisfied with her husband, and that - his wife. Who starts a quarrel and who first goes to conciliation. At the same time, patients reprimanded at a reception at the expert, they are not embarrassed to talk about the problems, and, most importantly, themselves, find ways to solve them. Not a psychologist gives a straight answer as to preserve the family and spouses themselves come to a decision together in the consultation process.

And finally, are entering into a joint reception step is to build a psychologist findings, the main of which will give the couple realize that they can still save the marriage and that only a joint building relationships is the key to a happy family!

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