9 subtle hints that he was not interested in you

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 Psychologists say that thinking men and women is significantly different. That is why they can not find a common language. And we have somewhere and somehow find a compromise. In most cases, that the partner which is more interested in extending relationship. So as to understand the behavior of the woman men that he is not interested with it?

1. He said that he remembered about some urgent matter that can not be canceled or delayed. This, of course, it may well be true, but insightful woman immediately understand how this is true.

2. He regularly all the time looking at his watch, his whole appearance indicating that a lot of the time you will not be able to pay.

3. He answers the phone whenever a call to him.

4. In conversation he looks at other girls, temporarily ceasing to speak, until the object of interest to him out of sight. The most tactless men can even share with you my impressions, like "What legs! "Or" That's razmerchik! ".

5. He always looks at what is happening around, and often asks. Of course, because if you can not interest him, he tries to find it in the environment, not to accidentally fall asleep.

6. conversation to a completely uninteresting topic you very often interrupts. Otherwise, he would have caught every word you say.

7. In conversation he ridicules your shortcomings. You could say he's trying to be rude carefully so you do leave him alone.

8. He tries to be "transferred" to your appointment at a convenient time, just promise mountains of gold at the same time.

9. Important hint - he kept silent, taps his fingers on the table.

But we should make some degree of optimism in this sad picture. The fact that the coincidence of one or more points is not one hundred percent proof that it is not interesting to you. There are different cases in life, and the fact that he may have some urgent business, should not immediately cause you have suspicions. If you seriously interested in it, learn to trust. Who should, he will stay with you.

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