Ways to keep a man

Ways to keep a man
 In the soul of women lurks the fear of losing the man she loved. This can happen for different reasons. Some husbands are moving away from the former fairies transformed after marriage in ordinary aunts in greasy overalls and hair curlers, others move from eternal chaos and an empty fridge. But most of the reasons for leaving are not so commonplace. And how to keep her lover, wants to know any of the fair sex.
 "Men love with their eyes" - this saying everyone knows, because women and tend to always look attractive. And here lies a huge mistake: even if a man caught appearance, this does not mean that it will be set to a long relationship with him uninteresting person. The first thing that is important for men - interested in a woman, the intrigue. Hence the proverb - "a woman should be a mystery." Can not be opened until the end or at the first meeting, under the joint life. As you should always be a mystery, makes a man want to solve it forever.

In addition, the pair must be common hobbies that partners a great time together. This may be reading books, watching movies and discussing the story, playing cards, backgammon or pool, or maybe the love of the active form of leisure. Common passion astrology, history - anything. In any case, this activity should bring both pleasure and an unforgettable experience.

A man may grow cold to a woman when no longer receiving any of her feelings and emotions that feed his love. The first thing to do is to have a heart, but do not pester the question "Why are you so cold," or the statement "I'm not interested." The main reason for leaving men - a lack of feelings that have been before. And you should unobtrusive way to find out the reason for his detachment. Try a natural way to talk with your partner about interesting topics for him. Of course, if you have always pointedly ignored football, boxing and politics, your keen interest in these topics will likely confusion or even suspicion than joy. So find the most neutral, but interesting for your favorite topics. This will involve him in the discussion, and then the direction of the conversation in your hands.

Increasingly showing their interest in hobbies of your men. It should be understood that not only breadwinner, but also a pleasant companion, interesting personality.

One of the reasons is the most bitter dissatisfaction with sex life. That's how strong the floor that he intimacy necessary as air. And if your partner does not get to meet with you, then he goes to look for him in the arms of another woman, and usually finds. To your bedroom is not extinguished the fire of passion, often arrange favorite erotic surprises. This can be a romantic dinner, a nice massage, seductive dance. Include your imagination. Be more liberated in bed, do not deny the man in the performance of his erotic fantasies (if, of course, not a threesome).

Give your partner more leeway. After all, you want it to escape from prison. It is not necessary to control every step of your men over to tie him to her. Your confidence will appreciate much more than excessive care and constant monitoring of the situation.

If your partner will feel master of the situation, a real man, which was always the last word and the decision, it is unlikely he will want to get away from the woman, loving, gentle, soft and needed his care and love.

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