The top 10 women's "excuses"

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 Sex is good in itself. Sexual intercourse is considered the only available antidepressant in our lives. But this pleasure woman "manage" to give up, coming up, sometimes ridiculous excuses and "excuses." So, 10 female common failures and ways to counter them.

1. "No, no! I'm still a virgin and I'm going to stay until her first wedding night "- a categorical refusal can be heard from a new girl when dating. Of course, it is necessary to respect the conviction of his girlfriend, but only if it just does not use you. Maybe she is interested in your purse or she seeks by all means marry. Way to achieve such a touchy only one (unless it has already reached the age of majority) to prove her love and sincerity of feelings, affection, persuasion and passionate kisses go to his purpose.

2. "You do not take a shower, you're too dirty for sex." Cleanliness goes hand in hand with piety. A dislike for hygiene - a real problem most guys. Unfortunately, the guys do not always follow the breath, armpits aroma, fresh socks, etc. Only one way out - wash, use antiperspirant and a toothbrush, and to do it as often as possible, especially after the gym.

3. "I now have monthly". Women few days a month suffering from menstruation. Hormone levels in these days have sharply reduced, and sexual desire really is at a minimum. But the soft caress, kiss can wake your girlfriend, and maybe she will throw all conventions.

4. "I have a headache." Common, but it is an objective "excuse." Girl really need to relax a fresh mind. Enough to make her temporo-occipital massage, soft brush to comb her hair, massaging her neck to relieve tension and, eventually, to offer her a glass of sparkling aspirin.

5. "You're too drunk, and you smell like alcohol." Wild night at parties always end with a rebuff, but only if you do not get drunk both. Alcohol breath can not tolerate no lady, again, if it does not reek of as much. Yet alcohol abuse - a bad habit, especially bad for men's sexual state resistance. Therefore, perhaps, is to listen to the promptings of his girlfriend and to abstain from alcohol.

6. "No, I'm a lesbian." Most likely, such a statement is due to complete disappointment in sex with men. However, among the self-proclaimed lesbian there are exceptions, that's why she agreed to get acquainted with a man. Hands, lips and tongue - is common, that is, as lesbians, and men, the difference in the extent of their possessions. And here is the time to learn how to use it.

7. "I'm pregnant" or "I feed her baby." These "excuses" can be heard only Deeply married. And soon, these phrases for a loving husband will cause for joy. But now have to reckon with its physiology and tighten their needs in a tight knot. Because, for example, when a wife is breastfeeding, prolactin (a hormone that triggers the production of milk) in her blood can actually significantly reduce sexual desire.

8. "I'm too tired to work." Becoming a victim of his own career, she returned to work, while you are cooking dinner and washing dishes, is sent into the shower and then to bed. That's all. And constantly complains of a very busy schedule and constant fatigue. Only one way out: a constructive dialogue with its business woman. Let your sex will bring in your diary and leave it for at least an hour of your precious time and effort.

9. "Do not come near me, I'm offended." And it may take offense to anything her heart desires. But even though you there was a serious conflict, the bed - the ideal place for mutual reconciliation, especially reconciliation can be very rapid and pleasant.

10. "I'm too recovered, and I hanging hips (buttocks, breasts, etc.)" Women who consider themselves unattractive, can feel the reduction of their sexuality, and even cease to feel excitement. All in the hands of men: to convince her uniqueness and beauty, make believe that it is still desirable and loved.

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