Rules of communication with women

Rules of communication with women
 Men and women often do not understand each other. This is due to the difference in their thinking. Some people say that women have no logic. But in fact it is true, is very different from men's. Strong floor to understand the weaker sex is almost impossible, but to learn the rules of communication with them is easy.  

Women require the same respect for themselves as men. It is therefore unacceptable to humiliate them, taunt or mock them. If a woman sees that you scoff at her, as soon as the time, she will avenge you. Do not think that it will tolerate all of your tricks.

At the fairer sex is better developed intuition, therefore refuse falsehood. If you really have no other choice, better not say anything than outright lie Express. If a woman will understand that you are deceiving her, her attitude towards you worse. And resume normal communication will be very difficult. On a subconscious level, it still will not trust you.

Women, for that matter, and men like to hear compliments. Some men think that if they rarely speak pleasant words, women are valued more. But it is not. The more you praise the lady, the better it will be. And eventually you will be easy to communicate with her.

Some women have very rapidly passes premenstrual syndrome. In those days, they have a very bad mood, almost all annoying. With the weaker sex in this state do not need to swear, it is not necessary and sort things out. Ignoring - is not out of the situation. In a woman's body is changing. It is not her fault that due to the hormones her behavior worsens. Deal with it.

Try not to complain about women. By doing this you will lose men look in their eyes. And the most that can count - this is their maternal instinct. But then treat you like a child would.

Always answer the questions. If you can not answer it, though would react let them know that you will be heard. Some men have a habit of ignoring women's issues. Of course, this behavior can not be pleased.

Women are not in vain considered the weaker sex. They need care, attention, affection. Do not forget about this when dealing with any woman. Then the conflict between floors will be much less.

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