Love at a distance: the pros and cons

Love at a distance: the pros and cons
 "Feelings are checked separation" - this wise truth is known since ancient times. In fact, is not worth much the love that is strong only when the subject is constantly in your field of view. It was during the time separation can truly verify whether you love this particular person, or your feelings for each other was anything - sympathy, interest, even passion, but not love. However, "where the power is, there is weakness" - says another proverb. Separation has both positive and negative sides. What are they?

If you do not see a loved one, you instinctively wish as soon as possible to be close to him. Your sense as it receives additional impetus, not cold. But everything is good in moderation! If the separation is too prolonged, it may still be cool. Just as fade even the hottest fire, if it does not add fuel.

Separation is useful if its presence near for some reason undesirable. You never know what circumstances can arise in life! There are times when even the most near and dear man can prevent. For example, it is necessary to understand their feelings, solve a complex problem. But where is the guarantee that solving this problem on their own, without his help and tips, you do not want to behave the same way in the future? And what you do not scare the prospect of "the assassination of independence"?

If your favorite every day is not an eyesore to each other - this is a big plus. Because everyday routine bored able prigasit even the most ardent feeling. His dignity imperceptibly forgotten, go by the wayside, but the little things that used to and did not pay attention now and then climb to the eyes, irritate. If meetings are rare, it is seen dignity, rather than flaws!

But on the other hand, the relationship would be unthinkable without the routine of everyday life. After all, life is far from certain holidays. What kind of a serious relationship, you can tell if a loving couple can not work together to overcome difficulties and daily chores?

Finally, we must not forget about the most intimate aspects of their life together. Rare sex contribute to exacerbation of sensuality, desire to strengthen. But they are most likely can lead to banal and sad end - he starts an affair.

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