How to survive the separation and wait for the man of the Army

How to survive the separation and wait for the man of the Army
 Military service - duty of a real man. But these words only easy to say, but let go of a loved one for a year in the service is not so easy. Especially if your relationship began recently and every minute apart perceived as an hour. But be sure of their feelings and allow their troops home.
 Surely any consolation information that earlier young people to serve his country for 25 years. You also need to suffer all year. The essential difference, is not it? Of course, your knowledge of this separation is no less painful. To part with your beloved and one day is difficult, but here their whole 365. But if you set a goal to live these days with dignity and wait for her man, then be prepared for the fact that it will not be the most enjoyable period in your life.

At the same time, not setting yourself up for gatherings at the window, hoping to see far painfully familiar silhouette. Do not turn in on themselves, take all my free time to remain as small as possible minute sadness. Take care of those that previously did not have enough time. For example, start learning a foreign language - such knowledge will never be superfluous.

Start a new hobby, for example, learn to make jewelry from polymer clay, or get your hands knitting. In the old tradition guys if they have serious intentions, returned from the army is not just a girl, and to his bride. And if you want to become a real mistress of his house, learn this when I have time and opportunity. Read a book, watch a melodrama about love, dream about the moment of your meeting with her beloved.

As often as possible write letters to his soldier. Of course, call, if possible. But do not stop at the same time and write it, because in a paper letter has a special romance. Just imagine how nice it would be to read your guy how are things at home than you do. Perhaps these letters to soldiers will be one of the most pleasant memories of service.

In conversations with his favorite support it, set himself and his in a positive way. Understand that it is not easy and so far away from home in unusual conditions of life according to the ordinance. Therefore, you must first become for him a source of pleasant emotions. The time of separation is not infinite, so be true to their soldier, and your wait will reward even more strong his love for you.

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