How to protect yourself from a man

How to protect yourself from a man
 Women is called "weaker sex." Indeed, if we are talking about physical strength, superiority on the side of men. And often they use it, raising his hand on a life partner. This is called domestic violence, and the activities of many organizations aimed at combating it. However in specific situations have to rely only on themselves.
 Try to understand the causes of aggressive behavior of men: in connection with which, or under the influence of what he usually loses his temper? Think you do not act as an agent provocateur. Some women have the habit of "run up", argue and argue until it will not come to blows. If desired, this can bring to virtually any man, especially if different emotional and expressive.

If a man has a habit of attacking you while intoxicated, try to minimize his habit of drinking. There are various encoding methods and psychotherapeutic effects. When all efforts are ashes, try not to meet with a man in such a state. Options may be different - from the temporary movement of relatives to exchange common property into two separate.

Do not behave like a victim. On the contrary, argues the opinion that you deserve the best treatment, and no one dares to raise his hand on you.

Contact your local support center for victims of domestic violence, discuss the situation with them. Find out what help there is to offer.

If the husband beat you, contact the emergency room to have recorded there the marks of beatings on your body. Also, write a statement to the police. Guardians of the rule of law can be invoked and is a direct threat of beatings.

From aggressive men can protect another man - your father or brother. Sometimes a "heart to heart talk" is enough to mate left his violent methods of exposure.

Finally, the most right will go away from the tyrant, as to break ingrained pattern of aggressive behavior is very difficult. Do not feel sorry about such a "loss". Go in search of a decent elect, who will dare to offend you.

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