How to prevent infidelity

How to prevent infidelity
 Probably at least once in his life every woman thought about, and whether it does not change the person I love? In a society betrayal on the part of men traditionally evaluated negatively, but it's worth asking - what does the woman to prevent her husband's infidelity?

Try to always praise a man. Stronger sex acutely perceived criticism, so even if hammered nails sticking out crooked, I would say that so the picture will be better to stay. Believe me, berating him for his ineptitude, you get another big hole in the wall.

Create a paradise even in a tent. Always try to create comfort. Especially if the husband lives with the mother, or a young family rents an apartment. New life and new conditions are extremely psychologically straining man. Especially warm relationship should be - do not blame the favorite to specific problems. Surely, together they can be solved much more easily.

Do not use a habit to keep quiet after a quarrel. This deadlock, which does not lead to resolution of the conflict, and exacerbates it. Many couples are practicing good rule - during an argument they scream and vent their negative energy, but after what has been said between the two spouses is a dialogue on flat colors.

Take care of the little things. Believe me, a man sees your concern, though not always appreciate her and kiss on the cheek. If the husband is tired - do massage, if it has a long working at the computer - Boil a cup of strong coffee. Firstly, in itself, you develop a sense of responsibility, and her husband's nice to get a token.

Try to be together more often. It is not necessary to engage in a common cause. It is important to give a man freedom of action, but also to be close, gently reminding me of themselves.

Do not try to "solve" the issue to bed. It's just not necessary to put and only fully given opportunities to make love. The wife shall refuse her husband, unless it is really good reasons. In this case, the bed should be sexual harmony. Believe me, no man does not like "mollify" the lady at the new position or an experiment, and a desire by the time can be lost.

Never reproached her husband. The phrase "you never give me flowers" beautifully transformed into a more informative phrase, "Oh, how I wish I could get the flowers on this holiday." Loving husband certainly hear it and fulfill the request. However, the promise must be initially positive, not with reproaches and accusations.

Always look your best. Even at home, "his lips should be such that they wanted to kiss." Do not forget about her feminine beauty, choose a convenient and attractive home wear, experiment with hairstyles. Husband will always be like partner in a tone that did not limp from disease and suffering from depression.

By following these tips, you should not forget that all people are unique, and how should behave in the second half better only you know.

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