How to make a declaration of love

How to make a declaration of love
 Girls love the ears - is a well-known fact. Therefore, from an early age girls dream to hear the magic words, but how often do they sound? And how to make a declaration of love?
 Before seek recognition, it is necessary to determine the reasons for the lack thereof. A man can not confess your love of what really does not like, or because he did not consider it necessary.

Claim to be in love should not be, if your relationship began only recently. Girls are more amorous and adore beautiful words. In men, it's different. If you are with a sufficiently long period, and your relationship went through many trials, you can try to make the first move. After all, to say "I love you too" much easier than say the full phrase "I love you."

A man can be considered sentimental nonsense. Women often put up with this fact, but if for you it really plays a big role, try to talk to him. Select the right moment, when your man will be located to the conversation, and very gently hint to him that tender words of love would give you great joy. Most likely, he will listen to you.

It is not necessary to ask the question, "Do you love me? ". Men do not suffer when they are under pressure. They used to make their own decisions, including about when you say the sacred words. In addition, in response to a fair hearing "no" to most of the girls are simply not ready, resulting in many unnecessary quarrels. But everyone has their own understanding of love, you may feel about these words is much easier than it is.

Think about it, really no more than one word is a big disadvantage? When the young man spoil you with gifts, pays enough attention is on hand, does not change, require him to such detail is not necessary. It is better to try to keep the heat that already exists between you.

If you reach the goal, do not forget to encourage your partner in gratitude. Hug him, kiss or entertain too short.

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