He went to the other ...

He went to the other ...
 He and she. First, the two halves of the same whole. Then one. And then it goes away ... Why? Where? Return it?

Reasons why a man leaves a woman, not so much. Or rather - just two. Summary: he was tired in your relationship feels useless and unloved. So little did he compliments you, little admired his masculine power. If you are of him always something to require, for something to criticize, know long it will stay with you.

Also, a man collects suitcases, when he feels that care about him through the power that emanates directly from the woman "I'm tired of you." From all this, he concludes. And as a result, closes the door behind him. From the other side. And goes to the next.

Why is it? She will not be capricious and only require require require ... She listens and understands regret and praise.

The second reason is the fact that he had gone from you: relations have exhausted themselves. Once he realized it before you and found a replacement.

What to do? You can weep and mourn week, a maximum of two. And then you need to take yourself in hand. Change her hair, wardrobe, to go on a journey, often meet with friends. At the same time you can think of mistakes that you made in these respects. Then in the next novel, they can be avoided.

Often smile, and you will succeed!

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