What questions can not ask men

What questions can not ask men
 Curiosity women knows no limits. However, there are things that are not always worth discussing with a man. Before you lift a theme exciting you, consider whether it will cause negative emotions you or your loved one.
 It is not necessary to test the patience chosen sacramental phrase: "Do you love me? ". If a man really feels for you feelings, he is likely to say so myself. Many representatives of the stronger sex are not recognized women in love, but their actions and behavior eloquently demonstrate the sincerity and depth of his feelings. To get an answer to this question, just listen to your own heart.

In pursuit of cheap flattery should not bother her half tearful response to the statement: "I have very thick (ugly, stupid)? The man loves you for who you are. Emphasizing its perceived shortcomings, you can not help make him think about your appearance and self-esteem.

Do not pick up a conversation with the chosen topics related to beauty and other advantages of your girlfriends. Do not ask a man, which one he likes. Thoughts inspired by such talk can have the most unexpected consequences. For example, the favorite to come to the conclusion that Natasha and Ira much nicer and smarter than you, and everything else does not ask stupid questions.

Do not try to pull out of the lover about how many women he had prior to your novel. When a man wants pootkrovennichat, then tell them about myself, if you do not tell - it's his right. Curiosity stronger prejudices - you can gently ask about ex-girlfriend loved mutual friends. In this case, do not cross the lines and turn their inquiries in a big investigation. This behavior can greatly hurt your partner.

It is not necessary to torment the man-reproaches questions: "Do you get bored with me? "," Are you interested with their friends than with me? ". Such remarks make him seriously reflect on how you together fun and comfortable. Appreciate the moments spent with loved ones, and do not waste them on empty arguments and showdown.

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