Learning how to kiss in different situations

Learning how to kiss in different situations
 Kissing - it is a very intimate, it's an expression of love, gratitude and respect for loved ones. Not only. Also kisses - already established cultural tradition. Therefore it is useful to know how to kiss in a given situation.

Kissing on the first date - the most tender and touching. Here, nothing needs to learn, and should be fully succumb to their emotions. There is no right or wrong kisses. So do not be afraid to open yourself to a new person.

But we must remember that the kiss should suit the situation. Psychologists proven fact - girls love kissing in the quiet, deserted places. And start standing with slow, tender kisses, then success with the opposite sex is guaranteed.

An interesting fact is still the value of different kinds of kisses. For example, a kiss on the corner of the lips - it's a kind of "offer" to move from friendship to something more.

If there is no possibility of physical contact, and so want to attend to a man comes to the aid of a kiss. This conventional gesture sparkle with new colors, if it put more emotion.

It is worth to remember about the specific rules of the wedding kiss. Firstly, it should be gentle, light and airy. And secondly, do not kiss "grown-up" because the wedding - it's not quite the right place for such a strong expression of emotions and feelings.

Kissing at a meeting with friends - it's a separate issue. For example, in Russia, this tradition is largely characterized by girls than boys. And women often kiss each other on the lips, that young people are extremely not clear.

It should be remembered that in many European countries kisses at the meeting, or even when meeting - it is an integral part of the ritual. Therefore, we must strictly follow this tradition, otherwise you can pass uncultured and uneducated man.

In high society preserved the tradition of kissing the hand when meeting ladies. This shows gallant, his respect and deep reverence. Bred young people follow this tradition.

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